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our cultural commitmentDid you know there is an archaeological site inside Hotel Cordial MoganPlaya?

Since the archaeological site “Las Crucecitas” was discovered during the construction of HotelCordial Mogan Playa, we have taken part in its conditioning, preservation and adaptation.

A second archaeological site,“Cañada de lo Gatos”, which is located along the valley of Mogán, has been recently connected with the first archaeological site by a path. Thanks to this trail and information boards we have been installed, visitors can learn more about the archaeological remains of the ancient inhabitants of Mogán.

We are also committed to our cultural memory by conducting guided tours through the archaeological sites, where we teach our visitors about our ancestral culture.

The archaeological park The archaeological park, which is 400 metres in lenght and has a vertical drop of 44 metres, is divided into two separate sites along the valley of Mogán, that are connected by paths through which you can go from one site to the other.

In addition, it has been declared “Bien de Interés Cultural”, which is the highest category of protection afforded to the laws of historical heritage.

las crucecitas The first site consists of preserved archaeological remains distributed in different groups that correspond to an aboriginal cemetery that was in use about a thousand years ago. Here you can find among other things the stone houses and funerary remains (burial caves, cists, burial mounts and other funerary stone monuments).

cañada de los gatos This second archaeological site forms a unique Aboriginal settlement where you can see and learn about the structures that were part of the ancient inhabitants of Mogan.

Bar el mirador Along the path that connects both sites, you will find the snack bar “El Mirador”, where you can get something to eat and rest after the walk.

Also, we strongly recommend you to go and see the wonderful views from there (all the valley and harbour of Mogán) and especially the beautiful sunset over the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean.

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